More so than any other marketing channel, social media lets organizations proactively reach their desired audiences with pinpoint accuracy. It’s an ideal channel for building brand and product awareness, generating qualified leads, and acquiring new customers. Social media also offers a unique, data-rich environment where our clients can quickly and cost-effectively test products, promotions, and messaging across different audiences.

Social Media Ads

Paid Advertising using audience personas and hyper-targeted campaigns with extensive creative personalization and rigorous testing enabling our clients to reach their desired audience with precision

Social Profile & Community Management

Organic social media strategy and management on Facebook & Instagram to nurture engagement and help organizations to develop an authentic brand voice across social channels

Creative Design & Development

Creative development for daily/weekly organic posting. We use the latest industry trends and best practices to disign the most effective graphics for your organization

Paid Ad & Social Copy Writing

Our in-house team helps our clients to write bi-lingual copy which can be used across platforms. We carry out extensive copy testing to identify what resonates the best with the target audience